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Playgrounds are filled with science and physics - pendulums, ramps, levers, forces, gravity, friction, balance, etc.  AAA State of Play does a beautiful job capturing, explaining, and providing wonderful examples of all of these elements on their site.  A link to their playground science page is noted below in the related links section.  So as you head off to the playground, prepare your future STEM-ologist to become a brilliant expert in physics.  Ask him or her to identify all the things they see at the playground that is a part of science...and then ask them how they could make it even better!  It's always fun to hear a kids answer to an open-ended science question.  Their imagination could make them a nobel prize winner some day! 

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Canal Front Park Playground

211 Front St (4.93 mi)
Lewes, Delaware 19958

Park at the baseball field, but be careful if you park by the outfield and there's a game!  Fly balls and foul balls love windshields.  :-)

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Related Web Links

  • Click HERE for a few nuggets of science  topics related to playgrounds.  Seriously, this is a GREAT resource.

Ideas, Notes, & Tips

This playground is exposed to full sun.  There is a pavilion next to it that's great for sitting parents.

When you're in the area, you might want to also poke your head into the Life Saving Station or check out the big net wheel behind it.  Or...bring your crabbing equipment and drop a chicken neck in the water to have a little crabbing fun too!

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