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Visit the Lewes Ferry Terminal Playground


Short Travel



STEM Connection

Playgrounds are filled with science and physics - pendulums, ramps, levers, forces, gravity, friction, balance, etc.  AAA State of Play does a beautiful job capturing, explaining, and providing wonderful examples of all of these elements on their site.  A link to their playground science page is noted below in the related links section.  So as you head off to the playground, prepare your future STEM-ologist to become a brilliant expert in physics.  Ask him or her to identify all the things they see at the playground that is a part of science...and then ask them how they could make it even better!  It's always fun to hear a kids answer to an open-ended science question.  Their imagination could make them a nobel prize winner some day! 

Best Location

The Cape May-Lewes Ferry Terminal Playground

43 Cape Henlopen Dr

Lewes, DE 19958

There's plenty of parking at this location!

Project Materials List

  • None!

Related Web Links

  • Click HERE for a few nuggets of science  topics related to playgrounds.  Seriously, this is a GREAT resource.

  • The Grove Park playground description can be found HERE.

Ideas, Notes, & Tips

This playground is in full sun. 


The ferry terminal actually has A LOT to offer!  You can watch the ships load and unload cars.  You can have a bite to eat by the water.  You can play a free game of miniature golf.  You can grab some ice cream in the little gift shop.  Oh yeah, and you can play at the little playground.  It's more of a destination than just a playground.