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Talking about sustainable energy sources is one thing...looking up 250 feet into a real-life wind turbine is a whole other experience.  It's just cool!  Did you know that the turbines are adjusted during migration season so they don't interfere with migrating birds and bats. (Yes, bats!)  So as you're standing under this mammoth piece of technology that makes the world better...you might ask the kids a few wind-related question.  See the related links section below for some thought starters.  And also...maybe bring a kite!

Best Location

Univ. of DE Earth, Ocean, and Environment Campus 

Wind Turbine

700 Pilottown Rd

Lewes, DE 19958

Project Materials List

  • None.

  • Maybe a kite!

Related Web Links

  • Click HERE for a direct link to the University of Delaware's notes on it's wind turbine in Lewes.

  • There are some great thought starter questions and lessons on wind energy HERE.

Ideas, Notes, & Tips

The turbine is super cool - and enormous!  But let's face it...kids get bored easily.  So, when you're done checking out the turbine (and if you don't have a kite to go fly at the beach), keep going on down Pilottown Road, and you'll run into the Lewes public boat launch.  It's always fund the watch the boats come and go.

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