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STEM Connection

Did you know that according to NASA, bouncing on a trampoline for just 10 minutes is a better workout for your body than running for 30 minutes?  Yep, it's true.  Their astronauts use trampolines to improve their fitness before going into space.  So, when you show up at the trampoline park to let the kids bounce, just consider it potential training for a future that's out of this world.

Best Location

Shell We Bounce

32295 Lewes Georgetown Hwy

Lewes, DE 19958

Project Materials List

  • You'll need to sign a waiver when you get there.

  • You'll also need special trampoline socks, which they sell there.

  • You might also want to take a little extra cash for the massage chairs on the second level (for yourself while the kids bounce).

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Ideas, Notes, & Tips

Seriously, there are some GREAT massage chairs upstairs at this place.  But be warned...if you sit in them without feeding them money, an alarm will sound.  

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