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Tour with the Pirates of Lewes


Short Travel



STEM Connection

Arrrrrr!!!  Let's take STEM back about 500 years, shall we.  Back in the pirate days, STEM looked a little different, but frankly, not much different.  Most elements of sailing and boating were more manual back then.  The water canons provide a great STEM lesson in water, force, and trajectory.  And the treasure map is a perfect real-life lesson in cartography.

Who knows if you're raising a little physicist or a Google cartographer?  All we know is that an adventure like this could spark one of those awesome careers for him or her.

Best Locations

Pirates of Lewes Expeditions

400 Anglers Rd

Lewes, DE 19958

Project Materials List

  • Just your credit card or cash.

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Ideas, Notes, & Tips

You might want to take a change of clothes.  There's lots of laughter and some fun with water cannons.

Reserve your spaces early!!!  Everyone wants to be a pirate and the boat fills up quickly.