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Have you ever held a baby horseshoe crab or picked up a blue crab just the right way without being pinched?  Sunsetter tours makes those things possible. They're all about STEM to the maximum degree.  Their Citizen Science Tour turns you into a true biologist for the day.  They hook up with the Center for the Inland Bays to do really cool stuff like collect biodiversity data and facts about different species.  You get to evaluate water quality and compare weather statistics.  It's a STEM-azing experience for your future biology majors....and your future oceanographer, aquatic veterinarian, mammal trainer, marine archeologist, ocean engineer, or dive instructor. 

Best Locations

Tours leave from different spots around Rehoboth. 


Check the Sun Otter site for specifics.

Project Materials List

  • Water shoes!

  • Sunscreen

  • A towel

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Ideas, Notes, & Tips

You might want to take a change of clothes for when you get back.  Being a marine biologist for the day tends to be wet work.

Reserve your spaces early!!!  This is a popular activity.

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