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Go Bowling at Lefty's


Short Travel

Any Weather

$10 - $20

STEM Connection

Ok, fine.  No kid (or adult) ever said - "ooooohhhhh, bowling, I just love how it involves mass, force, velocity, trajectory, gravity, and friction (aka - physics)!"  But the fact is, that's exactly what bowling is all about. Well, that and a little mathematics in how the scoring is done.  So lest you think you're about to just take the kids on another run to the same old bowling alley, we ask the you look at it through your STEM glasses and see all the physics, mathematics, and don't forget engineering involved in such a fun game.  

Bonus:  If you go to Lefty's to bowl, be sure to poke your head around the wall by the rest rooms and check out the patent prints.  Think of that...someone actually invented a whole game and submitted a ton of paperwork to claim ownership.

Best Location

Lefty's Alley and Eats

36450 Plaza Drive

Lewes, DE 19958

Project Materials List

  • Just your credit card or cash.

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Ideas, Notes, & Tips

Lefty's has a lot to offer.  Look them up before you go so you can manage expectations when you're there.

Also, call ahead to make sure there are lanes available. They host big events sometimes that take up all the lanes.