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Have a Beach Bonfire


Short Travel


$10 - $20

STEM Connection

Being at the beach during the day is one thing, but being at the beach at night is a whole new experience.  There's a mystery about it that can't be described with words.  From a STEM perspective, the important lesson here is that just because the sun goes down, doesn't mean the ocean eco-system goes to sleep.  The waves continue to crash.  The shad are more awake as they jump in the surf near the shoreline.  Seashells still wash up.  Check the related links for a few possible activities to do during your bonfire.

Best Locations

Lewes Beach

206 Bay Ave

Lewes, DE 19958

Dewey Beach

check with the town office for locations

Project Materials List

  • Chairs and a make-shift table (for smore assembly)

  • Food (snacks and smores ingredients)

  • Long sticks (for smores)

  • Flashlights for shell hunting

  • Light up toys (glow sticks, frisbee, balls, etc)

Related Web Links

Ideas, Notes, & Tips

Permitting can take a day or two.  Plan ahead.  While you're waiting for your permit, you can keep the kids "unboard" by preparing for the big event....collecting materials, supplies, food, etc.

Be sure to get your bonfire started before sunset.