Paint Rocks


Short Travel

Any Weather

$5 - $10

STEM Connection

Geology can be fun...especially when you apply a little paint, but let's kick this up a notch.  You could have your future STEM-ticians focus on painting within a certain genre like - paint a bug (entomology), paint an element (chemist), or paint a geometric design (mathematician).  It's all just a great way to get them familiar with different areas within the world of STEM.  And later, they can have fun playing hide and see with their rocks.  You can turn it into a competition by putting numbers on the back of each rock and adding a math element to the game.

Best Location

Michael's is the best place to go to find paints for rocks, but some drug stores, grocery stores, and of course Walmart will also have great supplies.


18902 Rehoboth Mall Blvd

Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971

Project Materials List

  • Smooth rocks about the size of the palm of your hand

  • Paints

  • Paint brushes

  • Newspaper to protect any surfaces that shouldn't be painted

Related Web Links

  • Check out this link for some fun rock painting ideas.

Ideas, Notes, & Tips

Be sure to grab a newspaper to spread out so you keep the paint off of things that shouldn't be painted.

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