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STEM Connection

Movies can teach us many foundational elements of STEM - observation, evaluation, developing hypotheses, sitting still for a longer period on time :-)  Kids are exposed to rich media (aka - video) in a million ways.  When you attend the movie, it's good to talk about the movie-making process: scripting, location scouting, lighting, digital video capture, sound sweetening, pre and post production tasks, etc.  Video is pervasive and the chances of your child interacting with this STEM-tastic element of our world is very high.  

Best Location

There are 2 main movie theaters in the area:

Movies at Midway

18585 Coastal Hwy #1

Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971

Cinema Art Theatre

17701 Dartmouth Dr

Lewes, DE 19958

Project Materials List

None!  Just bring your brain - watch and learn.

Related Web Links

  • The Movies at Midway theater is a fantastically affordable theater!  Entry prices are very good, but the special part of this theater is that the candy is only $1.  Yep...$1.  That's really the best part of any movie theater experience.

  • Try the Cinima Art Theatre for a slightly more sophisticated experience.  This is a small theater that highlights artsy films - from as far away as the UK!

Ideas, Notes, & Tips

Even if you've already seen a movie before, the theater experience is always fun!