Visit a Farmer's Market


Short Travel

Any Weather

$5 - $10

STEM Connection

Food science is a little new niche within the STEM world.  Think about it.  How do you think the mint gets into the peppermint gum or the strawberry gets into the strawberry ice cream.  It's never too early to start exploring culinary way of a local farmers market.  Be sure to ask the vendors lots of questions about their process for getting the food from the field to the farmer's market.

Best Location

Farmer's markets are everywhere in the area.  Check out the map and the related web links to find one near you.

Project Materials List

None!  Just bring your brain - taste and learn.

Related Web Links

  • Check out THIS LINK for a great overview of local farmer's markets.

  • Click HERE for the link to the Historic Lewes Farmer's Market.

Ideas, Notes, & Tips

Even just buying one apple can make the day exciting for a kid...and bonus, it'll also help the farmers...whom we need!

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