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Find the Oldest Tree


Short Travel


$5 - $10

STEM Connection

Arborists are an interesting group of STEM-ticians.  Scaling high trees, knocking on them, poking, analyzing, and sizing them up takes a very unique and special talent.  They'll tell you that figuring out the age of tree doesn't always require cutting it down!  That's right, circumference can also tell you a lot.  So grab your soft tape measure and let's get out there and start hugging some trees.  (See related links below for more details.)

Best Location

Easy access to trees can typically be done in a state park, but we like the Breakwater Junction Trail for this exercise.  

Parking at Wolfe Neck Road is $8, but it's the best trailhead point if you've got smaller kids.  Be sure to head towards the bridge, which is to the right when you get to the main trail.

Parking behind the Outlets by Holland Glade Road is free, but the walk can be a little sunnier.

Project Materials List

  • Soft tape measure

  • Notepad

  • Pencil

  • Binoculars...if you have them

Related Web Links

Ideas, Notes, & Tips

This is a beautiful trail.  If you have bikes, we recommend biking it.  It's flat with a good surface.  Walking is fine too.  Bikes just cover more territory faster.