Borrow a Bike at Cape Henlopen State Park


Short Travel


$5 - $10

STEM Connection

Grabbing a bike from the bike barn in Henlopen State Park is the makings of a great state park adventure.  We highly recommend making more out of it than just a ride on a bike.  There's STEM all over a state park.  Two fun exercises we recommend involve a basic brown paper lunch bag.

Activity #1 - Leaf Challenge

The goal is to collect one sample of different leaves around the park.  (The ones on the ground please.)  Whoever ends the ride with the most unique leaves wins bragging rights.  Leaf science activities like this are great for jump starting the career of a future botanist...who by the way...solve all kinds of problems in the world! 

Activity #2 - Color Scavenger Hunt

Take your brown bag and drawn 8 squares on down it.  Then use crayons to color each square a different color - Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, Black, Brown, White - for example.  The goal is to collect one small item that matches each color on the bag.  First one finished wins.  [Tip:  If the game ends too quickly, just change the they have to collect 2, 3, 4, maybe even 5 small items per color.]

Best Location

Cape Henlopen State Park

Nature Center / Bike Barn

15099 Cape Henlopen Dr

Lewes, DE 19958

(Use the Lewes entrance to the park)

Project Materials List

  • Park entrance fee if you don't have a seasonal pass.

  • Driver's License from one of the adults

  • Brown bags and pencils if you're playing the brown bag games.

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Ideas, Notes, & Tips

Bikes are totally free.  You just leave a driver's license. 

Because the bikes are free, we're not talking about high-end racing bikes.  These are basic (gearless) bikes...the kind where you press the peddle backwards to break.  It's kind of fun and kind of scary if you have ridden a "basic" bike lately.

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