Walk the Pier at Cape Henlopen State Park


Short Travel



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$5 - $10

STEM Connection

The pier at Cape Henlopen State park has a lot of history attached to it.  It's a beautiful pier...with fencing to help keep children safe.  This is one of the areas greatest attraction for fishing.  Watching the wouldbe anglers fix their rigs and try different baits and casting techniques is a thousand lessons in one about the sport of fishing, but underneath of it is STEM.  How do fish eat, what do they eat, when do they eat, where to the hang out, etc.  Check out the related links below for a few nuggets of STEM information.  

Additionally, from the pier, you can also see 2 lighthouses, a gunner tower, the sandy point that is home to lots of endangered birds, people clamming on the shoreline next to the pier, and you might even catch a glimpse of the farry coming or going on its way to/from Cape May.  So many STEM lessons, so little time.  It's a true feast for the eyes, the imagination, and the mind.

Best Location

Cape Henlopen State Park

14884 Bay Rd

Lewes, DE 19958

(Use the Lewes entrance to the park)

Project Materials List

  • Park entrance fee if you don't have a seasonal pass.

  • Park map to get you to the pier.

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Ideas, Notes, & Tips

There's no charge to go on the pier.  There is a bait shop at the pier entrance that sells slushies, candy, ice cream, etc.  It's not open year-round though.  They also rent poles in the shop, and there's a fun bait vending machine out front that's great for conversation if nothing else.